Stefania Maracineanu 18June 2022

Stefania Maracineanu 18June 2022

Full name:- Ștefania Mărăcineanu

Born:- June 18, 1882 Bucharest, Kingdom of Romania

Died:- August 15, 1944 (aged 62) Bucharest, Kingdom of Romania

Nationality:- Romanian

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Occupation:- Romanian physicist

Religion:- Christian

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Alma mater:- University of Bucharest, Radium Institute

Educational Qualifications:– Ph.D. from the Radium Institute

Father’s name:– Sebastian Mărăcineanu

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Mother’s name:- Sevastia

Doctoral advisor:- Marie Curie

Thesis:- Recherches sur la constante du polonium et sur la pénétration des substances radioactives dans les métaux (1924)

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Stefania Maracineanu Biography

Romanian Physicist Stefania Maracineanu was born in Bucharest, on 18 June 1882, Kingdom of Romania. She was a famous Romanian physicist at the time. She was brought to the world by 20-year-old Sebastian Malacineanu and Sebastian’s daughter Bucalest. She is not very aware of her own life, just because she had her miserable adolescence.

At the laboratory, Mărăcineanu investigated the presence of half of the polonium and devised a strategy for estimating alpha rot. This work made her think that radioactive isotopes could be assembled from particles due to the openness of polonium to the alpha beam. Awareness that encourages Joliot-Curies’ 1935 Nobel Prize.

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In 1935, Frederick and Eileen Jorio Curie (n.r.-a girl of researchers Pierre Curie and Marie Curie) won the Nobel Prize for an amazing revelation of fake radioactivity.

In fact, Ștefania Mărăcineanu conveyed her astonishment in the way Irene Joliot-Curie used without reference to the vast portion of her work’s perception of fake radioactivity.

A Romanian woman publicly assured that she had discovered fake radioactivity during her long exploration in Paris, as evidenced by her exposition introduced over a decade ago. ..

“Mărăcineanu contacted Lisa Meitner in 1936 to share his mistake that Irene Joliot Curie used her many jobs, especially those related to fake radioactivity, for her work without her insight. To their science: Radiation pioneer women. ”

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Ștefania Mărăcineanu Education And early life

She graduated from junior high school at Central School for Girls in her local city. In 1907 she was elected to the University of Bucharest and in 1910 she was accredited in physics and material science.

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Her advanced assumptions, named her optical impedance and its application to frequency estimation, won her a 300-ray award.

Stefania Maracineanu Biography 18June (dks express)
Stefania Maracineanu Biography 18June (dks express)

Career details of Ștefania Mărăcineanu

Mărăcineanu also investigated the possibility that sunlight would initiate radioactivity. Work challenged by various professionals. A 1927 article from Geraldton Guardian commented by:

Through extensive research center research, Marikaneanu had the option to show that lead found in the present to indefinite future restores its radioactive properties for a considerable period of time to the sun.

This system of change is a complete secret, but it is respected to be of great importance to clinical science and requires more scrutiny. ”

Mărăcineanu worked at the Paris Observatory until 1929, then returned to Romania and began teaching at the University of Bucharest. She ran a test to investigate the relationship between radioactivity and sedimentation and quivering sedimentation.

On November 29, 1935, Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen spoke at the Romanian Academy of Sciences on artificial radioactivity and Romanian research in this area.

On June 24, 1936, she requested her Academy of Sciences to recognize the need for her work. Her solicitation was accepted and on December 21, 1937, she was selected to compare individuals in the physics department of the Romanian Academy of Sciences.

In 1937 she was appointed Research Director by the Academy and in 1941 she was promoted to Associate Professor.

In 1942 Mărăcineanu resigned compulsorily. She had a malignant growth in 1944, apparently due to the openness of the radiation. According to some sources, she is covered at the Bell Cemetery in Bucalest, but different sources differ in this regard.

In 2013, Poșta Română presented a 1 leu commemorative stamp to honor her logical movement of Mărăcineanu. However, the stamp picture is not hers, but Marie Curie’s.

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