World Picnic Day 18 June

World Picnic Day 18 June

International Picnic Day is a built-up holiday that is celebrated on June 18th every year. So pack your picnic basket, jump into your car, walk to the park or picnic area and enjoy your meal outdoors, either by yourself or with your family. Friends to celebrate this informal holiday.

Why World Picnic Day celebrated on June 18th every year?

  1. To the day of fishing. International panic day. International Picnic Day. International Surfing Day-June 18, 2022 (3rd Saturday of June). A day that encourages people to go out and enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Who started International Picnic Day?
  3. This type of casual outdoor dining is believed to have become a popular pastime in France after the French Revolution in the mid-1800s, when it was possible to return to the national royal parks.
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How do people celebrate Picnic Day?

  1. Find your spot- terrace, garden or balcony. Don’t have any of these? Choose a place around a large window.

2. If you plan to have a picnic in the evening, bring green plants, plant pots and fairy lights.

3. I will arrange a barbecue. Marine meat and vegetables overnight in the same way.

4. Don’t forget to play some music (keep the volume low) and play recreational games. You can add friends to your zoom call and celebrate the day together.

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5. You can also cook homemade dishes such as sandwiches, cupcakes, tortillas, poha, pasta, muffins, cakes, sangria and cocktails and enjoy the day with your loved ones.

Picnic essentials you should always pack

  1. Something to sit on :- I hope this goes without saying but pls, pls, pls, bring a blanket or something to sit on. And if you don’t have a blanket, a couple of beach towels work perfectly. You don’t want things to be awkward when it’s muddy outside.
  2. Fresh fruits are always a good idea:- It’s light and easy, and you can eat it with or without a napkin in case you forget it. In addition, everyone likes to lighten things during a date.
  3. Sunscreen:– It’s great to sit in the sun. But isn’t it surprising? It burned from the sun that once made you feel very good.
  4. A portable speaker
  5. All the drinks:- Bring a bottle of drinking water, wine, and / or what you want to drink.
  6. A camera:- Whether it’s a date idea above or because you want to record your day in a cute way, A cameras are much better than Smart phones cameras.
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World Picnic Day 18 June (dks express)
World Picnic Day 18 June (dks express)

History of International Picnic Day

The word “picnic” probably originated from the French language, specifically the word “pic-nic”. It is believed that this type of casual outdoor dining became a popular pastime in France after the French Revolution in the mid-1800s, when it became possible to hang out again in the country’s royal parks. However, even though it started in France, it has become a beloved activity that has spread all over the world.

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As fans of Jane Austen’s novels will know, 19th-century picnics in England became widespread social occasions, with menus featuring a wide range of cold meats and pies that took several days to prepare.

Over the years, picnics have occasionally come to represent the gathering of the common people in political protest. One of the more famous of these was the pan-European picnic that took place in the summer of 1989 on the border of Austria and Hungary. It was part of several protests against communism that year that led to the fall of the Iron Curtain.

More recently, in 2009, the Guinness Book of World Records set the record for the largest picnic in the world. This happened to more than 20,000 people in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Today’s picnics can be a little more casual, sometimes with a few pieces of bread and cheese thrown into paper bags and eaten on a park bench. A picnic can be centered around everything the participants need, including games and other outdoor activities.

International Picnic Day is celebrated in many countries – a simple opportunity to enjoy the beauty of eating out!

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